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Are you searching for a reputable gutter company for your home or office? Well you found us! Gutters are essential hardware for routing roof water runoff down and away from your home.

A poor or clogged system can lead to big problems such as wet basements, cracked and eroding foundations, or damaged siding or landscaping. To avoid such problems, we can make sure your gutters are installed properly, have no leaks, and are free of debris. Keeping gutters and downspouts in good condition requires regular maintenance. Triangle Gutters advises doing this twice each year, spring and fall.



Finding and hiring a competent contractor with years of experience is essential for ensuring everything is installed and operates correctly. Your gutters have to perform the important task of routing your roof water quickly and efficiently away from your home, keeping  it safe and dry. Hiring the right contractor, that you can trust, is 99% of being sure you get what you need.


Triangle Gutters officially began in Raleigh in 1996. Bill had been cleaning gutters unofficially since 1985, and has seen just about everything you can in the gutter world. Bill is a native Long Islander, and attended St. John’s University, followed by NCSU when he moved to Raleigh. Bill is married for 28 years and has three adult children. He enjoys beginning the work day early and getting off early. When not in a Triangle Gutter truck, you will find him at the beach, playing cornhole, active in the community or attending his beloved bookclub.


Since 2009 Christian has excelled at providing excellent customer service. Christian is the lead installer on the gutter installation crew, and also a main component on our maintenance team. Christian is married with 4 children, the youngest born November 2018. He is native to Mexico and speaks English and Spanish. Christian enjoys Bull Riding events, riding horses, and spending time with his family.


Since 2010, Carlos has started every day at Triangle Gutters with a smile. Carlos supervises and maintains most all the cleaning work that we perform and is also proficient when it comes to installation. Carlos is married 28 years and loves spending his time with Christopher, his grandson, more than anything else. He is a native of Honduras and visits his family there at least once a year.


Tricia is the office manager for Triangle Gutters since 2017. She is who you talk with if you have any questions about your account, and also send out the information via email on scheduling and specials we promote. She is married with two cats and two bunnies. When not at work she can be found either studying or spending time with her family.


Megan is a Sophomore at UNC Wilmington and is studying Education. Megan has been working with Triangle Gutters since 2015. During the summer and winter breaks, Megan works in the office. During the school year, Megan manages our social media platform remotely from Wilmington. Megan enjoys the beach, sand volleyball, and most everything every other college student enjoys!

Purchased new gutters and they did a great job. Bill was easy to deal with and very fair with pricing. Couldn't be happier. I would highly recommend.

Bill R.

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